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What is a personal Chef?

There are many kinds of chefs. We all know what a restaurant chef does, but what about a private chef or a personal chef?

Private chefs work for one family full time, they are responsable for all the meals and often travel with the family.

Personal chefs are independent contractors, they have multiple clients and get paid per cook day. They can also be hired for a party or event.

While there are many different services a personal chefs can offer, most often they prepare a weeks worth of meals for a busy family.

If you are constantly running around, from work to school to sports, to lesson and have no time to cook...

If the "whats for dinner" ? question makes you crazy....

If you are constantly getting food from door dash/uber eats....

Having a personal chef will be life changing!

You'll can enjoy delicious custom made meals, the entire family will love every night!

Want to hear more about how Chef Rebecca can help you take care of your family? Did I mention Is take care of all the shopping as well? Sit back relax and enjoy a glass of wine, your dinner worries are over.

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